Monday, 13 December 2010

Flute of champagne in hand...

the waiter said "One moment Madam, let me get the canapes"
Canapes I thought, I don't usually get canapes here!
With that the door opened and in walked my son with a tray of...
Yes, you've guessed it...
Cheesy Wotsits.

I did say I would let you in on my other secret...
Cheesy Wotsits.

The addiction is so advanced I fantasise about winning the lottery...
no million pound house for me, no gas-guzzling motor, no round the world trip...
just a room stuffed from floorboard to ceiling with Wotsits...
not unlike those ball filled play rooms you see in the Swedish four letter word stores.


  1. Oh Lettice.....I thought you had much better taste than Wotsits! They stick to the teeth, are like fluff in the mouth......each to their own, I suppose.
    Walkers ready salted are my champagne - I could get drunk very easily on those!

  2. Its Pringles for me .... if I have one, I have the whole tube. Lethal!

  3. All of those things you saw are my Christmas gift to my sister. She does how a few more items from T and S as I spend £10 on her from me and then £2.50-£3.00 each from the childrem. It's just the way we do things in our house. A little something each from the children too.In fact next year I am handing their present spending money to them as they want to get in on the thrift act too!
    Lisa x

  4. yech.... hate wotsits.... love champagne.. and kettle crisps.. tee hee.