Sunday, 12 December 2010

Two guilty secrets...

I have a pash for Christmas crackers and worse than that...
Cheesy Wotsits!

Being a disciple of Mrs T (NO! NOT THAT ONE!) Mrs Thifty of whose blog I'm a 'sort-of' avid follower. I am HUGELY ashamed to admit that this Christmas cracker obsession is gaining an unhealthy hold on me. One year I did go cold turkey and make my own. Saving loo roll innards, shopping for tasteful gifts for the recipients, thinking up crappy jokes, making Admiral hats out of the business section (no funnies here please!),enrobing the crackers in old FT colour supplement pages. An up-market cracker if ever there was one!
Trouble was I knew what was in them, I knew who got what, I knew they were made, mindful of the planet. But hey ho, the smugness of being holier than thou didn't work its magic on me. I felt cheated and by me of all people.

This year folks I've admitted I have problem - that's the hardest.
I've found some half price crackers, pored over the pictures of the contents on the back of the box and alright they are pretty ghastly, but buying at a knockdown price I feel I have taken a very real step towards being able to say "I'm a reformed crackerholic!"

I'm afraid I'm just not strong enough to share the details of my other obsession with you today
maybe tomorrow...

1 comment:

  1. I bought a set a few years ago from Lakeland which had whistles in them and instructions for 'playing' Christmas carols. Much giggling after a few glasses of wine!
    Lisa x
    p.s can't share the Wotsits thing though!