Monday, 6 December 2010

My senses were definitely awakened...

here at the Christmas fair on Sunday 28th November.
Apart from it being a perishing cold day, without exception every stand was a testament to folks' creative skills. None of your bought in old tat.

My stall, not the most professional looking I admit - I'm still a crafting babe, prone to strops. These artistical folk are soo temperamental I always find!


I'm struggling for words to best describe his wonderful works of mini art.
This is a fabulous brooch I bought made from an old watch, odds and ends. I also chose a superb badge with two swallows swooping over a white watch face. Super cards and an odd assortment of interesting bits were there to buy. I watched enviously from two stalls down as people stopped to admire his wares. All I really wanted to do was to tell them to buzz off, cos I wanted EVERYTHING!
He in my book, was the star of the fair.



This is his logo thingy - pay him a visit - you won't be disappointed.



The fair was a huge success, all the team were super efficient, friendly and helpful. This was their first Christmas fair and looking at their forthcoming programme there is lots more excitement planned.
Pay them a visit if you live in the area, play them a visit even if you don't.


  1. So how did you do?
    I have looked at his wares, oh my those bird keyrings are so cute.
    Lisa x

  2. Lisa, I did the best I've ever done at a craft fair, how good was that? So glad you like Ben's work. It lifts my heart to see how blooming good some folk are. LLX