Sunday, 5 December 2010

Lying in the bath on a freezing fog fugged

Sunday night...
glass of Chilean rose balancing on the bath side, book curling in the steam...
"buildings the colour of coconut ice" jumped out at me from the page,
transporting me back to the days of making coconut ice in an old (clean) tin of a Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie with Auntie 'Margarine'. Does anyone remember those pies, do they still make them?
This was the Fifties, how cutting edge convenience was that!


  1. You have time to lay in the bath!!

    Sadly our bath is full of my son's books, awaiting bookshelves! I can just imagine laying back in the hot bubbly water.....

  2. Hi there! They do still make those pies as my husand bought one to cook for his lunch the other day. First time he'd has one in about 15 years!
    I love the description of buildings looking like coconut ice so very apt!
    Your snowy photos were fab and I bet your grand=daughter falls instantly in love with her dool when she gets it.
    Lisa x