Sunday, 16 February 2014

'We're cabbage...

people!  We don't like mange tout,
baby sweetcorn and veg that haven't been cooked!'

Got me thinking as I read a review of the findings
of a coach trip aficionado...
With our coach trip a week away...
Am I making a horrible mistake?
Are we ready for cabbage boiled for 20 minutes,
Morris dancers and many and various comfort breaks en route?

My mind whirled back in time to my father's 
70th birthday meal at a posh restaurant,
where he said to the waiter...
'Please make sure they cook the vegetables properly!'

I'm ashamed to say I cringed with embarrassment, 
little knowing then he would only live for another 
four months.

How things and more importantly...
me, have changed in the intervening 
24 years.

I've cooked for the highest and lowest of the land,
I've travelled the world and now I'm on the cusp 
of a completely new experience...
a frigging coach trip.
Forget the Maldives, the Arctic, Mauritius and the like!

'This will be a totally new experience!'
I said grandly, every fibre of my being quivering (with fear perhaps?)
 as I sold the idea to Ted.

Personally I blame it on Shirley,
who is a thrifty Yorkshire lass.
Giving me the hard sell, I could feel my
Green Shield Stamp genes awakening...

'Yes, yes, Yes!


  1. You're taking a Top Deck tour with a mob of drunken twenty something Aussies and Kiwis? Enjoy :)

    1. Err... Carol, I think octogenarian omnibus trip would be nearer the mark.


  2. You are such a tonic Linda, you always make me laugh! Waiting to hear all of the gory details upon your return!

    1. Just keep taking the tablets Mrs Gorgeous Angel Pie and I'll come and see you again a week on Tuesday.


  3. Bon Voyage LL!
    I cannot bear food snobbery. If we feel like chips with gravy, that's what we have!

  4. Packed and ready to roll. I've just said to Ted, we used to take less to paradise than we are tomorrow. Less clothes... warm seas and cold beer. Water proofs, boots, gaiters and liberty bodices are de rigueur for the chills of where we're bound!


  5. Sounds like an octogenarian bus trip up North ... Liberty bodice necessary up here in the winter. Have fun wherever you get to!
    Julie x

  6. We did Julie, we definitely did, albeit in a ghastly... 'Is this it?' sort of way.