Sunday, 2 March 2014

For those of a delicate...

look away NOW.

The irreverent confessions of a virgin 
coach traveller

Sit back, close your eyes and let me take you 
on the trip of a lifetime.

In these straightened times, I thought it
would be prudent to cut our cloth and all that jazz.
To this end, out went the dreams of the Maldives,
Mauritius, Palau, the Arctic and beyond.
In came, like a knight in shining armour
Mr Shearing and his trusty steed...
the coach.

What better way than to blow the many and various 
cobwebs away, than a little light fell-walking?

Hating with a passion snobbery: I have a sneaky feeling
I am one...

'A coach trip!'
 said in my best Lady Bracknell tones.

The worm hiding in the very depths of my innards,
stirred, lifted its head and wondered...
'Surely not!'
the ghastly thought quivered down its entire length.

Ted, I must say took some persuading;
in true feller tradition made a token stand,
knowing all along the inevitable outcome.

Monday morning, before even the sun was up,
we set off.
Pack-up, packed up.
Books, Kindle, iPod, pencil, notepad,
barley sugars, Fisherman's Friends,
Rennies. Imodium... you
get the drift!  All safely stowed away
like illegals in the back of a lorry.

A 90 year young pal said
'Remember there will be plenty of 'comfort' breaks
for the oldies!'

'That's alright then, that saves packing the left-over
Miss Tena pads from our lovely little Lettice!'

Merely a precautionary measure you understand.

We stopped, we started, we got on, we got off.
Our first real stop was at Clacketts service station
on the M25, a mere 25 miles and two hours from home.

"Sit back LL, try not to remember whose bright idea this was!'

Ten hours later we arrived at Windermere.

Taken as we enjoyed our hotel supplied picnic

My abiding memory of the trip was the sea of
personal communication devices (deaf aids), topped off
with waves of grey hair.

To say I don't count myself among their numbers
would be wrong, so wrong on so many fronts.
For starters... in my eyes everyone...
yes everyone is older than me,
even my grandchildren...
work that one out if you can!

The driver advertised the trips arranged for us.
With a bum rapidly sporting seat sores overlaid
with hard skin, I must confess I couldn't get excited.
Added to which one was to a retail park, the other a garden centre...


Living not a million miles away from
Bluewater, I pride myself on being the sole remaining
inhabitant of the S.E. who hasn't ever been and never ever will.


Would you want to, when there
are fells to be walked, or at least looked at
for the less able.

We did have fun, we laughed, we climbed, we strode
out like latter-day pioneers.

Our bott's didn't sit again on the coach until
it was time to come home.
We did however jump on a bus and use our free old
dears bus pass, which at home never sees the light of day.
And then on our return, imagine our dismay to read that
they are thinking of taking that privilege away from us...
Well I mean to say, what is the country coming to?

Sitting in the bar, we got chatting to a couple...
'We were very happy to find a Waterstones!'
'Wow, that was a stroke of luck!'
says I, thinking of deep and meaningful conversations
of Proust or Tolstoy.
Oh alright then, Bills and Moon.

'Sorry my husband means Weatherspoons!'
My interest waned. 


  1. LL, as I am not familiar with your retail references, I am getting the impression you ditched the group and did your own thing?

  2. Tee Hee!
    So I'm right in thinking you just used the coach trip transport to get to the Lake District, then abandoned the group, like Carol suggests above? What a stroke of genius! You may remember that I have 4 sons, each with differing degrees of class-consciousness. My sweet youngest boy still thinks Weatherspoons is really posh!

    1. Bless him! Just wish I wasn't such a jaded old hack!


  3. hilarious, I love your sense of humour, there has got to be more surely? You haven't even mentioned the return journey!!!

    1. Tomorrow Jayne.... just got to locate my denture fixative, my dinky curlers and my Evening in Paris perfume.