Sunday, 2 February 2014

"I can't bear to...


about David Beckham's obsession with Lego
and what a regular guy he really, really is

Michael Gove's sacking Baroness Morgan

Karzai saying Helmand would have been better if 
UK forces had never set a foot there

Fifth woman accuses Rennard

NHS hospital trust gags health tourism whistleblower

Bob Crow orchestrating the tube strike from Brazil

The Met regarding a gangland boss as their paymaster

Of the people whose homes are made uninsurable and
unsaleable by floodwater

Another word about Scottish independence

about politicians and their ilk!"


As this nugget of opinion issued from my reclining
rosebuds the only retort was...

'That's okay I won't get a paper next Sunday!'

Well I mean to say...
where is a self opinionated girl to go from here,
I ask you?

The reasons as to why I can't bring myself to read these things...
well I'll leave you to work out.

Strangely enough I can bring myself to read in
minute  detail...
 the murder of
Meredith Kercher.

It probably tells you a lot about me...


  1. I guess you'll still be sneaking the papers in then! Pretty please! What would we do without your critical eye and waspish wit! Why I might have to actually buy a paper myself!!

    1. Yes, although only one paper a week and that is for the television listings and culture happenings. I ought to say it is becoming increasingly difficult to orchestrate a highbrow life lying prone on the sofa, attired in jackboots and an overdeveloped sense of right.


  2. Chaps do find our rantings a bit of a pain, I'm afraid. I can't for the life of me work out why it's we girls turning into Victor Meldrews and not them...

    1. It's surely all that quaffing of light and mild when they have a boysie night in the pub. Talking about their innermost thoughts and feelings with their chums, obviously makes them super chilled.