Thursday, 20 June 2013

Morning photo's of the cazh gardener...

cazh slang for casual?

This is how I love my garden...
trouble is, how to keep it on the cusp
of slightly ordered chaos.

9.20 am

I do have a penchant for naff,
hence the fluffy dice now residing
in the garage window.

Tree fern...
I love ferns of all sorts

Potager planted with
cutting flowers interspersed
with courgettes, tomatoes and lettuce

Since we've had the pond this section of the garden isn't
 rased to the ground by slugs.
A line full of Lettice's blankets.
The washing machine thinks we've got a baby in the house!


We do seem to attract a 
strange variety of wildlife.

Bed ready for my Christmas morning sprouts.

Here, hardening off under the magnolia.

Pea shoots for my salads.

Romanesco, french beans and sweet peas...
Oh, and the odd poppy!

Red onions and garlic...
Oh, and the odd poppy!

Huge tub of tarragon which I always thought 
wasn't winter hardy.
This little beaut. has thuggery ways and survives
all weathers

My seat of garden learning.

Wild-flower meadow

Roughty-toughty corner by my studio.
I love leaving lots of areas for the wildlife...
well that's my excuse?

Herbs to hand, by the house.


not on a par with Scotney.

The self-sown poppies which, when
you call you must navigate through,
to reach the front door.

Happy Days!

Oh I forgot...
this is little tumbling tiger tom.
He's grown, although I don't think he will
offer much in the way of flavoursome
stripy tomatoes.
I'm just happy he has survived...
see post...
The tale of tommy
30 April.



  1. Lin...your garden is a dream. Perfect in every way. x

    1. Thanks Viv, I've yet to see yours.


  2. A truly stunning garden. This is exactly the way I would like mine to will never happen for 'the gardener' is devoted to his straight lines and boring order. LL, I absolutely LOVE it.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Elaine. I straight away looked at your blog and was blown away by the precision of an altogether different sort of gardening. Gardeners are such a diverse range of bods don't you think? And long may it continue.


  3. Your garden is a gem Linda, just my sort of thing. It looks really inviting, you must put a lot of hard work into it but I know you do get pleasure sitting in it too, I have seen the photographic evidence!!!!

    1. The thing is Jayne... I don't! I leave it pretty much to sort itself out, apart from rotating the planting in the raised beds. Every year I say I'm going to keep on top of it, and you know something, I never do, however this year, will be different!


  4. I love the love-in-a-mist! (Awful shame that Saatchi's doesn't treat his Nigella well!)
    Everything looks amazing - I'm afraid mine is just tipping over from lush and beautiful into mad jungle. At least the bees are happy!