Friday, 14 June 2013

Love is...

setting the alarm for 3.15 am
to go down the steep, steep stairs 
in your hastily pulled on knicks
to let Lettice out for a wee.
I've often said wake me up when the alarm goes
and I'll do it!

Breaking in a girl's lady shave,
in order not to cause her to chainsaw massacre
her pins in the shower.

Not being able to go anywhere, but instead 
spending all your holiday money on 
Miss Tena pads for Lettice.

taken this morning

Not showing concern when wife comes
in with yet more clothes,
when your yearly spend is under fifty quid.

Saying ever-so gently, do you think 
you should have taken a diplomacy tablet
before passing comment Lin?

Sub-editing letters of complaint before
fired off by her indoors.

When your wife is out on Friday afternoon, 
not having your customary 5pm Scotch until she's safely home.

Loving your missus even though her chin is pricklier
than yours.

Listening when she's in talk mode.

Watching her arts programmes, when you
much prefer James Bond films.

Trogging along to a Helen Shapiro concert...
don't ask...
Well since you have, she booked it because
in an unguarded moment he said
Helen now sings Jazz.
What wife didn't know was, the Jewish girl
had found Jesus and sang hymns for 
most of the concert.

On occasions sitting wife on lap, with hand up her back,
in the style of Peter Brough and Archie Andrews.
The message from her lips then, gets across, without blood on the carpet.

Wearing striped socks on your
wedding day to please your future bride.
They have never graced his feet since!

Giving me a lovely WSD
(Wicked Stepdaughter)

Having a name... Edward... the peacemaker
(and being one, and how!)
And a surname that means full of love.

All love,
Belinda, Aaron, Claire, Charlie and Hope
Happy Fathers Day Ted.

 I know I'm getting ahead of the game, but I'm doing it
 while he's out of the way.
Alright, he is all these things however, 
he'll kill me when he reads this...
I'm not going to tell him!



  1. What a lovely tribute to your Ted LL

  2. I loved reading this - some of which strikes a chord chez EM.

    Maybe I'll take Mr EM out for a Father's Day lunch on Sunday as it's unlikely that the three off-spring will be crossing the globe to do so. Though Eldest Daughter will be arriving from Australia in a week's time - woohoo!

  3. This sweet story brought tears to my eyes - mostly because I'm so jealous!

  4. Beautiful LL

    Love is deep, love is deep.

  5. What a lovely read, LL.
    If mine had been like this he wouldn't have had his marching orders!