Thursday, 25 August 2011

Doris says...

'whatever happened to housecoats?'

Does anyone remember them?

Is there anyone who will own up to wearing one?


I'm back!


  1. Yes I do! As pinnies but also it was the name for a dressing gown for posh peeps when I was a kid! It used to be so cold that nobody could survive without one! lol!

    Glad to catch you before I am off for the weekend darling, off with the bloody house coat for me xx

  2. I have just cut up a genuine fifties one, bought for a fiver in Hastings old town. A lovely lime green rose print. You'll see the results next weekend!

    Welcome back, by the way!!

  3. I could do with one.
    Are you all sorted for next week my lovely?

  4. I have one that my mum bought me for emergency purposes in the event that I ever need to go into the hospital. That was about 40 years ago. It's quite pretty but I have never worn it.

  5. Now that's where the problem arises. I don't mean a dressing gown, I mean a cover-up thingy like you used to see men wearing in ironmongers shops. Back in the days of yore, women wore this wonderous item of apparel over their clothes for doing the light domestical duties. Not that I ever did you understand - housework that is!!! For the life of me I can't think what they were called. LLX

  6. Ooh... just had a thought... duster coat! Nah! That's just too camp for words. LLX

  7. I've got a lovely 50s one too, thought I'd already cut it up but just checked and it's still in one piece - to cut up or not to cut up? It's so pretty, I'm not sure now!
    Suzie x

  8. My granny used to wear one, I'm sure it was called a house coat. She had 2, a pink one and a blue one and would take it off before opening the door to anyone!