Monday, 29 August 2011

I think I'm in love....


my heart is overflowing...

Okay, okay okay...

Who is it this time LL?

Gilbert and George.

What is it with me and gay men I wonder?

After watching a recording of their interview with Mark Lawson, I've decided that...
Like them, I'm going to not care a stuff about what people think.
I'm retiring to my studio to just be!



  1. Funnily enough, I was looking at a book about their artwork when I was in Bath (in a bookshop sheltering from the rain!). The book was a bit pricey or I would have bought it - their artwork is unique and fascinating to look at. Gay or otherwise. Their deadpan expressions, suits, static positions and pop culture colours are fab!

    So, what is it with you and gay men then......;o)


  2. I just love their uniqueness and don't give a stuff about what folk think attitude. I am very attracted to intelligence and otherworldliness which these guys seem to have in commode loads. Sounds crap I know! LLX

  3. I watched that interview some time ago. I thought they were strangely quaint, obviously thought the world of each other. The way they sat, knees together, straight backs, hands in their laps, made me smile. They have pieces in the Tate Modern, (well they did when I went there!)

    Don't think I could fancy them though - strange desires you have.....

  4. Debs, only in an artistical way, not in a base rude word way. LLX

  5. I must admit to knowing nothing about these two, must do better with my art knowledge!
    Lisa x

  6. Hello Lisa, I was only thinking about you yesterday. Gilbert and George do rude words and bodily fluids type artwork and are to me and millions of others I'm sure, inspirational. Not that I'm planning on doing anything soon with that brown smelly stuff! LLX