Wednesday, 20 April 2011

S.O.S. I need some help...

I've sorted out all the treasures I've acquired over the years and I've just realised I haven't got the foggiest idea how to price them?

Where do I start...

I washed an eiderdown that I thought I could take, I then read Sophie's blog Fading grace re. her love of eiderdowns and guess what...
I don't think I can part with it.

And ANYWAY how much would I charge for it?

The same with a rag rug, that has been languishing in the attic... 
and so on and so forth...
Dah dee dah, dee dah,  
talk amongst yourselves, while I try and get to grips with this addition to not letting go.
I'm only pleased I never smoked; it's been blooming hard giving up my dairy obsession, it was only my butter-ball bum that clinched it.  If you know what I mean?

So that's the state of play...

Pathetic I know, I need some serious counselling, anyone up to the job?


  1. Oooh well this is a tricky one that I deal with on a daily...well weekly basis!!!! I'm ALWAYS SAYING it's staying then on a mad impulse I sell things. Can't say more than that really it's usually a split second thing! One regret, a quilt dated 1879 with a beautiful poem and cherubs,,, sold for a nice profit but wish I had it now....does this help? xx May the force be with you, lots of love xx

  2. P.s Thanks for the mention xxx

  3. I would suggest going to a antique shop/market and having a browse at their prices, but I fear you may bring more home with you!
    Lisa x
    p.s pass us the cheese.xx

  4. I don't think you an charge as much at a fair as an antiques centre and people don't expect to pay those prices - the overheads aren't the same. Having said that I nearly sold out at the last fair I did possibly because I didn't charge enough!