Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Feel more like old man Steptoe than...

anything else at the moment.
All I'm short of is the blooming 'orse.
Can't move a muscle for long-forgotten treasures.

All action-stations getting ready for our first

I really had no idea, just how much squirrelled away old rubbish I actually had!

Trouble is, a lot of it I can remember it the first time round.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


  1. Good luck!! I really, really wish I could go, it all looks fab xx

  2. Lettuce, if you keep telling everyone you are selling a load of old rubbish/tat/etc no-one will bother coming!!
    Everybody - she actually has some pretty kitsch and funky vintage treasures, so please come along and enjoy the event (and buy some of Lettuce's rubbish - oops I mean treasures)!!!

  3. Debs, Yes I have got some real interesting bits to sell, trouble is I can remember them the first time round! LLX