Thursday, 7 April 2011

Languishing under a powder-puff pink pagoda...

full of cold and feeling sorry for myself, I got to thinking, of the advantages us baby-boomers have.

After a happy, hippy haze of peace, free love and "Good shit man!
We knuckled down to work, we've been prudent, well some of us have!  Arriving  where we are today in good health, looking a helluva lot better for our age than our parents and grandparents.

In our adolescence we weren't worried by looking botox beautiful, being rich and film star famous was totally unattainable for us mere mortals then.
Life seemed more fun somehow and a lot simpler. 

Go on say it...
"LL's obviously got her rose-tinted specs on!"
And yes I probably have, my only hope is, that the young of today look back on now with the same fond memories.

I wonder if they will? 

Make love not war!


  1. Thank you my friend, for all of your comments...I love 'em.
    Now you pose a question? Goodness you have me wondering now. What will our young think of their youthfull days???
    That pink powder puff in your garden is the stuff dreams are made of. xxx

  2. Just look at your tree - puts my wild cherry trees to shame!
    I had a wonderful childhood; the seventies were my teen years and I had such a brilliant time, but things were easier for us then than for our children now. I had a part time job from 12 yrs old, my 16 yr. old will struggle to find anything.
    Going to a 'disco' was so much safer then than going 'clubbing' now. And I could afford to buy, run and insure a car of my own at 17 - could a 17 year old afford that independence these days?

  3. I agree with was much easier then, My son is just starting to drive it has just cost us £2000 to insure him to drive our car...Gulp and it's only little. I don't know where it's gunna end! They don't even have to communicate any more ,just sit on their computers....she says sitting at her computer!!!!!! xx Love your beautiful tree x

  4. Thank you for your comment and I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling so unwell - Hope you feel much better very soon...There's a weekend to look forward to!

    I do know how to chill, and do sometimes, but I'm naturally a fidget; always have been, and probably always will be! I can't sit still without having something on the go, be it sewing, sticking or scouring magazine photos to add to my inspiration scrap books. As I get older, I do find it more difficult though...and at times go to bed shattered.
    I'm a baby-boomer and remember 'back-in-the-day' of my only worry...How would I afford my weekly 'Spangles' fix on the pittance of pocket money I used to be given!

    Right, off to work now - Feel better soon,
    Niki x