Monday, 4 April 2011

Men I'm in love with...

I've just left a comment on Mrs T's blog 
(see sidebar because I can't be bothered to type again her http thingy - I've already tried 26 times and I must be missing something?  Not the best at this techie stuff. Tempted to put in here come back Royal Mail, but that'd get her even more tetchy!) 
And it got me thinking about all the men I have the hots for.  All in the best possible taste you understand.

1.  Alan Bennett 
he will NEVER be knocked off the top spot.

The next names are in random order
Mike our postie
Johnnie Depp
He who shall have to be nameless?
Our vicar although I rarely darken his door
Jamie Oliver for what he's trying to achieve
Hubs because he adores me even though I'm a complete arse
Rock Hudson in the Doris Day films; as a child I just thought he was the most handsome man in the world
Nigel Slater
Dylan Thomas for Under Milkwood
Thomas Hardy
Our neighbour Ken (hope Margaret doesn't read this)

Now I've sat down to type my endless list - I've dried up!

It'll have to be work in progress...


  1. A fair few of them are quite close to home,dare you snap a photo or two of the said postie for us all to see?!
    Lisa x

  2. i love Alan Bennett too for his wonderful way with words and a fantastic voice....all rock hudson movies and of course johnnie

  3. Mmmmm Johnnie Depp; a bit of rough - Sean Bean; smooth Colin Firth; the guitar man, Eric Clapton; the young Elvis (phwoar - though I was only a babe in arms then), and my son's form tutor!