Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wall to wall rehearsals for...

the opening night on Friday

Friday 1st August at 8 pm
Saturday 2nd August at 2.30 and 8 pm
Monday 4th August at 8 pm
The last performance is on the actual
date that Britain entered the First World War.

After the show we will ask the audience to join us 
at the newly refurbished
War Memorial opposite the village hall.
There we will join the rest of the country at 11 pm
to remember their bravery, hardship and for many
the ultimate sacrifice.

Me, I'm making a minor sacrifice by letting Ted
at every turn upstage me.

I wouldn't mind, but I've always cast myself the diva around here...
not any more!  He out sings me, out acts me, out learns his lines
better than me.  To tell the truth, I've definitely gone off him.

No, it is not a halo! It's our wedding venue.

Box Office - 01580 211204

Book now in order to see
George Clooney's body double
before he gets signed by Hollywood. 


  1. Any chance of posting a little film of the performance? That would be so fab!

    1. On yer bike Nilly... absolutely, blooming no chance!


  2. Would breaking both his legs be a little harsh?
    You cannot be upstaged....
    Julie x

    1. Julie, I'm afraid to say he did, at every turn. I really AM pleased for him, however there is a teeniest seam of green running ever so slowly through my veins.


  3. Oh how I wish I could see this 'green' letticeleaf. I' m sure it's going great, so I won't suggest breaking anyone else's legs, but I will be joining you in spirit tomorrow night.

  4. Thank you Mrs WH, tonight will be a sad end to a truly wonderful experience. We will stand beside the War Memorial at 11 pm, All the photographs of the fallen of this area will be projected onto the pub wall, as in silence we remember them.