Sunday, 15 June 2014

I've come over all...

crabby and peculiar!

Could it be because...
I'm growing my hair but my beard is growing faster?


I went to the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead
and came away with a total lack of confidence
in my latest
'Painting by Numbers' masterpiece?
Not only is the Laughing Cavalier not cracking
a smile, neither am I!


the fact that at the impromptu supper in our garden after the  
fete worse than death (fib),  I couldn't even join in with the barrister, the upholsterer
and the head teacher about the wonders of
Lidl and Aldi.  The world as I know it has crumbled around my feet.
Social climbing has never felt more treacherous.
I honestly think I'd be safer piggy-backing Brian Blessed up Mount Everest
on his latest attempt.


My wild gardening is frankly making me...
not to put too fine a point on it...
Why, because we have grass in the wild flower meadow, hardly any
flowers and my visions of wandering lonely as a cloud
(alright I know its too late for daffs, use your flaming imagination)
doesn't seem the same somehow, as I sniff and sneeze across great swathes
of prairie grass with nere a flower in sight.


that the froglets aren't coping at all well with their dash for
freedom across the coping stones.  Their little wet bodies on the stone
sticks them like glue and they frizzle and die like comedy cartoon characters;
all in the worse possible taste.
Riding to the rescue we removed the stones and all is well;
they manage to escape, only to be eaten by a bird or a passing hedgehog.

Talking of which, the only bit of good news is...
after our guests went last night, Ted went up to see if the hedgehog's
food had been eaten...
and there were two, having a romantic Saturday night
supper in the greenhouse.

The patter of tiny prickles just a hog hot date away.

It quite bucked me up, then I remembered I'm making an art-form
of being miserable, about the only art-form I'm any good at.
So I've just sunk into another mizz-mog. 


  1. Baby hedgehogs ! What a delightful prospect. That would cheer me up too
    I've just bought 1000 poppy seeds- the red Flanders Poppy type that grow wild over there - to try to recreate that sea of wild red in my back yard ...... but have you seen how small poppy seeds are ? I'm not at all hopeful of the result I picture in my mind ( like your wildflower meadow ).

  2. The patter of tiny hedgehog feet... can't wait.

    The poppy seeds in my mix haven't taken. The only one in sight, is one that has sprung up in the gravel on the path. And very lovely it is too. I think they are a bit particular, they won't grace any old plot, so fingers crossed Helsie.


  3. Ha Ha - I love this! Especially the bit about toffs extolling the praise of down-market supermarkets. I don't really get these - they are so bleak and never seem to stock the wholesome goodies I want, just mega-packs of turnips and continental biscuits. Perhaps all the rich people get there before me...

    1. One visit to Lidl on Fulford Road, one visit to McD's in York is all I can ever remember! Does that make me a snob I wonder?


  4. Oh I do love the way you write, you make me smile! Too many laugh out loud moments to mention. Thanks Linda, you have cheered me up!

    1. 'Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone!' I love to laugh, it sure as hell beats pills.

      Thanks for your appreciation Jayne.