Saturday, 21 June 2014

'And another thing'

As I sit in the garden, early Saturday evening 
on the longest day of the year.
Smiling at myself in the screen of the laptop...
hold tight... only to see if my mortgage inducing
root canal treatment injection has worn off.
I get to thinking about my week.
Well, I would do if I could hear myself think over
the noise abatement societies worst nightmare of
chirruping flaming sparrows.
I wouldn't mind, but I'm becoming 
increasingly deafer, than deaf.

The week has been action-packed.
Last Friday we went to the 
Affordable Art Fair with dear chums,
that I tell myself not to believe, are young enough
to be our children.
We got the inside track about exhibiting
and the pitfalls.  
A leisurely late luncheon, early evening
supper in a Hampstead pub with pint/wine in hand 
we put the world to rights-ish!
Alcohol, don't you find, brings out the inner politician?

Saturday - fete and
impromptu Aldi/Lidl fest
(written about)

Sunday - lazy day with dentures (fib)
in Steradent.  

Monday- Scotney and the charm
offensive, with by now gleaming knashers...
smiles a-go-go.

Tuesday - cake baking for
afternoon tea date with pals we haven't seen
for simply ages.
Rehearsals - Tuesday night.

Wednesday - afternoon tea,
scrummy sandwiches and wicked
chocolate cake...
err... 'healthy' baked nectarines with
almond stuffing.

Thursday - Lip-reading class,
where I'm ashamed to say I troll along 
with choccies for teacher.
they don't call me a snivelling, trying a
tad too hard, to be teacher's pet
for nothing, you know!
Rehearsals - still I haven't learnt my six lines.

Friday - A trip to Charleston
and guess who forgot to take her camera?
When of course the garden was looking at its
very, very blowsy best.
The only fly in my ointment was
the bed of dahlias.

"Surely the Bloomsbury Group didn't give
dahlias room in the bed?"
I said in my best lady Docker voice.
thinking all the while... 
'Well everybody else got bed space,
why not a frigging dahlia!'

"Best ask the gardener!" the lady said.

The trouble was I'd missed the trilby-hatted him,
at the start of our tour.

I had spied a much loved by me, and I'm afraid to say
only me, what looked like a 
giant hogweed...

The garden was a delight, just my sort of
disordered chaos.

My grandchildren call me Poppy,
perhaps a name change to Angelica
might be in order.
I think not...

Saturday - a flaming dental appointment...
I ask you who goes to the dentist on a Saturday?

I left home early for my 3pm appointment.  
I mooched around the Pantiles...
giving everybody the evil eye because...
 I couldn't join the rest of the world sat in the sun
enjoying luncheon and watching the world go by.
Hadn't I only just cleaned my teeth to within an inch of
their very precarious lives?  
Wine, crudities, olives, garlic bread plays havoc with the old
oral hygiene, what!

I found just the earrings I needed to complete
my ensemble for the Edwardian picnic,
where I'm going as...
Vanessa Bell.
Ted as John Maynard Keynes...

John M.K. in the garden at Charleston painted by
Roger Fry

hence the refresher trip to Charleston.

With my bosom and strings of pearls
I just couldn't bring myself to go as Queen Mary.
Alright I know some might say I have all the accruements...
but still...

Suffolk next week...
brace yourselves.


  1. You always make me chuckle Linda. You have an action packed week, you put me to shame! I hooted when you said you haven't still mastered your six lines! As someone who has had root canal work, I can only sympathise. Have a great weekend.

    1. Well, I mean to say... guess who's got trillions of lines, solo singing and many and various nationalities. I'm well and truly upstaged... has he forgotten I'm the diva around here?


  2. You sound as if you had the most fantastic week, cramming more in than I'd manage in a couple of months. Do you really have sparrows to spare? can't remember the last time I saw one, thought they'd all been eaten by foreigners! and as for the longest day of the year... I didn't dare phone my mother yesterday to hear her yearly 'Oh the nights will be drawing in now' doom and gloom... Did you get some lovely drop earrings? x

    1. 'Sparrows to spare?' Our ancient hedge is alive with chirrups and trills. The joy of wild roughty-toughty gardening, some might say a lazy lotus-eating lump's answer to the joys of horticulture... me I couldn't possibly comment!

      I nearly fell off the chair when you asked if I'd got some drop earrings, because that was exactly what I wanted. I had a strange feeling you had been watching me buy just the right ones. I've even gone so far as to paint the backs of paper plates with Vanessa's style of decorating... note to myself... I must get out more.


    2. Please package up some sparrows and send to me. Hope you post some photos of the evening.

  3. First I honestly thought that it was a photo of your own bohemian garden - then I thought you'd sneaked up here and snapped MINE! But it is Charleston, of course. Just imagine how much they pay their gardeners to create that blousy effect when we know that all they need is imagination, a love of flowers and a little bit of laissez-faire.

  4. Charleston is my neck-of-the-woods; and also spiritual home!

    1. A beautiful part of the world Cro, do you miss it, do you ever get back?