Saturday, 10 May 2014

'Read all about it!' Glyndebourne... The latest...

'Oh Gawd I've started something here!'

Those of you who are kind enough to follow my blog
will know of my yen...
no don't beat about the bush LL...
to go to Glyndebourne to see
Eugene Onegin.

As soon as I saw the advertisement, I decided to check it out.
Falling in a faint at the prices, I came to, determined by hell or high water
to go.  Beg, borrow or steal coming to mind as the way forward.
Beg seemed the obvious answer...
I'm not proud.

In answer to my begging blog post 
Yorkshire Pudding 
found a lady on Gum Tree with four tickets to sell.
I asked if she would sell me one, but quite understandably
she wanted to keep them as a four or two twos.

I wracked my brains as to who I knew that would be interested in going, in order to use the Gum Tree cheaper seats.
Ted wasn't in the frame, he doesn't like opera and more to the point, why spend good money on something you don't enjoy, even with the added bonus of keeping the missus smiling, happy, on-side... call it what you will!

With a sudden flash of inspiration I had the prey in my sights.
'What about **** they I'm sure would be interested, we could all go...
I'd make a stunning picnic!'
Desperation creeping in, can't you tell.

'We'll ask them when we see them today!'

'Best check in your diary Lin'

I didn't really need to, hadn't I checked a thousand times already.
I humoured him, I do sometimes.

There nestling in the pages was a slip of paper...
an e-ticket for one...
for me...
in the stalls!

not a very clear photo... I'm shaking with excitement... already

'I was going to wait until the letter arrived, but you were so
determined, I thought I'd better stop your in your tracks now!'

'How much?'

Cinders is going to the ball!

Now here's the rub...
I am more than happy to go anywhere on my own,
I think it's my only child independence streak.
So that isn't the problem.
What to wear... it's evening dress
that isn't a problem...
I'll get the flowing flamenco dress
I wore to a ball at the palace
(another story, another day)
out of the suitcase.  Well, that is if the moths haven't got there first!

The problem is, do I make myself a solo picnic or add to
the mortgage inducing ticket price and pay for dinner?
Now there is another option, you can share a table with
other solo diners, which I ought to say did appeal.
Hold tight... I can foresee a prob.,
they will all be opera buffs and I'm not too keen to 
expose my total lack of musicality.

Lamely saying this is the only opera that moves me, and I've always wanted to see it live,
will in a sentence, mark me down as the very thing I've strived to avoid
all these years.

That old adage...

It's better to be thought a fool, 
than to open ones mouth and prove it

might well be targeted at me.


  1. Replies
    1. I do hope you bellowed that in an operatic, horns on helmet, diva with hands clasped on breast sort of way Elaine?


  2. Fantastic! not only did you manage to acquire a ticket but you have the confidence to go on your own (listen... some of us felt pleased with ourselves last week when we went into a tea shop on our own after walking up and down outside first, well I don't know any body in this bloody place). So in for a penny (a hell of a lot of pennies) in for a pound, I think you should go on the table of single people, after all, if they happen to know everything about opera and find out you don't, they'll be fighting over you so that they can show how knowledgeable they are. xx

    1. What ARE you like lassie... a tea shop? Were you worried you might get chatted up by a Col. Blimp type of character dressed from head to toe in Harris Tweed?

      I can sweep Lady Docker-like into any establishment... hovel to palace without a qualm... think cow-catcher on the front of a train. People fall away, mainly caused by the movement from my Brunhilda type proportions as I process through their numbers!

      My days of folk fighting over me I'm afraid have long gone.


  3. You have one generous and loving man there LL :) I was eating alone last weekend and ran into a girlfriend whom I haven't seen in over 18 months. I was ready to give up on the friendship feeling awfully slighted that every time I tried to arrange something I got excuses. You never know what surprises await you when you least expect them. Eat with the other "Nigel No Friends" :)

    1. Carol, that is the exciting thing about life, things have a habit of happening when you're not looking for them. Be happy in your own skin, I sort of am, it isn't always easy though!

      I will sit with the other singles as both you and woolly dog suggest. It sort of makes sense, not that I've ever had that levelled at me before, mind!


  4. Yes sit with those singles; what a wonderful adventure you are going to have. Be good and have a super time

  5. going somewhere you love, on your own, with a solitary picnic that you can eat all-in-one-go without the constraints of in-company politeness and then going back home to thoroughly bore your loved one with the details.. .oh heavenly bliss!

  6. Brilliant! There you see exclamation marks, no class at all! What a great surprise. I do have to say the solitary picnic appeals to me too, but then that's only because I would be too scared to sit at the Billy no mates table!

    1. Thanks for all your different takes on whether to or not... in the end I joined the Billy No Mates table and I'm jolly glad I did. At no time did I feel that folk were talking down to little old Operatic-No-Nowt. I had a ball and if funds ever allowed I would go again like a shot.