Sunday, 4 May 2014

I know I don't stand...

a fart in a thunderstorm's
chance of this actually happening
I'm game to try.

Has anyone got a spare ticket going begging
for Eugene Onegin
at Glyndebourne?

I would promise not to muscle in on your picnic.
I would retire oh so gracefully to eat
my sulphurous egg sandwiches
wrapped in a waxed Warburton's wrapper.
I would surreptitiously eat my pickled egg out of a
salt and vinegar crisp packet, in order not to offend.
My can of Special Brew I would quaff behind a tree.
I'd even go so far as to take 
Lin and Ted
off the windscreen of my Smart car.
That is the length I would go to 
in order to get my hands on a ticket.

Any chance?

P.S.  I am prepared to pay in Green Shield stamps, Luncheon Vouchers... coins of the realm... at a push!


  1. Sorry, can't help. Tickets are pretty thin here in Western Massachusetts.
    Love the new header!

    1. Err... I think that is a mite too far Marty... I'm keen but not that keen.

      Glad you like the new photo. It's hard to think I was sweet once upon a time!


  2. Eugene Onegin? Who the hell is he/she? Oh, wait a minute there was that marine history drama on TV years ago - "The Onegin Line". Obviously I can't help you with your ticket quest as I am a philistine but on "Gumtree", I just spotted this private ad. Not sure if the tickets have gone but they may still be available Lettice:-
    Ticket date
    Face Value
    4 tickets (restricted view) Circle Box 15 and 16 (Blue) - see Glyndebourne website for seating plan for the opera Eugene Onegin. All but a handful of the very expensive seats have sold out for this performance.

    £50 per ticket for sale as a lot of 4 or as 2 pairs.

    Sadly we can no longer make it as it is my son's sports day!

    Start time is 5.05pm. All further details can be found on the Glyndebourne website.

    Cash on collection only please.

    Can meet in London (City) or West London for collection

    1. Thank you Mr YP, I've just emailed them to see if they would sell me just one ticket. Ted said with a quiver in his voice "Is it opera?' The price then made him quake. He did offer to take me there and enjoy the picnic. Knowing his luck someone would take pity on him lurking about waiting, and slip him in through the emergency exit. That I ought to say would totally spoil my day.


  3. Hope that you get your ticket Linda x

    1. After a hectic two days of exhibitions, hopefully I will post tomorrow on the story so far. Best book your ticket now Jayne in order not to miss out on...
      What Happened Next...