Thursday, 1 May 2014

Quote of the day...

'I once got 0% in an exam
at university!'

Early morning call from my much loved 
nearly 90 (in September) friend.

We were talking about my fear of taking pills
of any description and the reasons
(see Doris blog)
Preludin and the effects in the days of my early years
(not taken by me... by my mother Doris)

'Oh yes, I've tried them all!'
 Rose said.

I nearly fell off the dfs in shock.

'In one exam, off my head on amphetamines,
I wrote a limerick
sixteen times and then walked out!'

I sputtered into my mug of
builders brew.

I knew from first sight I liked her...
an old lady, hard to imagine her young.
From day one we just got on; even today in class
we giggled like naughty school children.
Her going to university all those years ago, 
impressed me.  Her being off her face, in some obscure
way did as well, don't ask me why?
Rich coming from one who ran away from being
breathed on by a lad smoking dope.
I'm obviously not as wild as I'd have you believe!


  1. I too have a fear of pills - not because of early experiences but because of too much reading about side-effects, I think.
    I also remember a science teacher at my grammar school, circa 1960, warning us against amphetamines - she'd also taken them at university. She'd be getting on for 90 now too!

  2. PS - love the new photo.

    1. I went to a talk recently about homeopathic remedies as opposed to conventional medicine. The GP there said there were three main killers... heart disease, cancer and prescribed drugs. He then went on to say, the side effects were sometimes worse than the things being treated. I'm totally with you on this Nilly.

      I'd like to say I haven't changed. Still as cheeky though!