Monday, 27 August 2012

What to do next for...


August Bank Holiday Monday 
I'm bored.

Elizabeth Bott type bored.

Our timber-framed 300 year old cottage has seen some things over the years and often when I'm bored in a nice way, I try and imagine all the fun, laughter, 
tears, pain, births, parties, grief, wakes
death and dare I say it...bonking 
that the fabric of this ancient cottage has experienced.

August has been a busy entertaining month for us.
I just adore having folk to stay.
Saturday saw the last visitors until half-term.

Yesterday I reclaimed my studio.

Today I started sewing again on my family history wall-hanging.
I was keen to see how the old sorely hand coped with a little light stitching.
It held up better than I thought it would, although it is throbbing now.

Work still in progress

I just wish I could sink in the West;
talk to my soft toys,

trump at will, 
dunk biscuits in my bone china mug,
take my teeth out to tackle toffees,
say and do outrageous things,
talk in a stage whisper,
 about how awful the people are sat at the next table.
Not give a fig about whether Blair took us in to an illegal war,
care not whether he gets a knighthood.
Vote for Miss Whiplash as a backlash to how I feel about
the majority of our politicians.
Stop shaving my legs and bits; at least, in these tough economic
times I now don't have facials, waxing, pedicures and the like.
Well someone's got to show some restraint.

Pop socks are the way forward.


  1. Was getting worried about you Linda but you are back to your best and making me smile and laugh again, thank you. The work in progress is looking great, can't wait to see the finished article. Glad your thumb holding up. jayne x

  2. Well Lin, you certainly covered some topics there. Boredom, cottage, sewing, fuzzy wuzzy bits and Tony Blair! To name a few.
    Hanging looking very good. Glad your thumb allowed you to sew. xxx

  3. Well, I was sooo bored today I actually googled a recipe for an enviromentally friendly home made cleansing solution that would cut through the much neglected gunk on my shower tiles. A job I have been putting off doing for more than I care to admit too!
    It worked very well and did give I great deal of satisfaction, no need to think about that job again for a long, long time again then.
    Loving your family history wall hanging.Therese

  4. I'm sorry, I don't normally disagree vehemently with anyone on their own blog but, in order to save you from a fate FAR worse than death while there's still time for said saving, I have to be completely utterly and blatantly honest.
    Popsocks are NOT the way forward.
    Don't go there.
    If you wish to skimp on topiary all well and good, you can always try a French plait for neatness, but popsocks?
    no no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  5. Oh alright then, I'll just get some suspenders for Ted's socks instead.


  6. I am very partial to the odd funky-coloured pop sock myself - orange, purple, green...