Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Look what I've just...


And jolly proud of it I am too!

A week or two ago the lovely Viv
offered a kit to make these lovely corsages.

Now those that know of my struggles with crafts will be aware
I pour scorn on the painting by numbers style of crafting.
However I decided to get the instructions and have a go.
Am I pleased I did.

After having sent for the full range of felt colours from
Annie the felt fairy...
what a lovely kaleidoscope of quality felt I've now got.
I've washed and shrunk some, which I've used for my first
(look away now if you don't want to hear this next word)
home-made Christmas present!

The instructions are clear and concise,
even for a sorely-thumbed crafter like wot I is.

I've got lots of ideas for mine, not only as a corsage
to wear.

Get ahead in these straitened times and for very little money 
amaze and delight your friends
with these delightful felt posies.



  1. Lovely, LL. I like to wear mine pinned to a winter hat to remind me of - um, summer?

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  3. Had to delete my message as didnt realise had fingers on wrong keys!!! What I said was, wow Linda am impressed especially with a gammy thumb. Love the colours you have chosen to. I am just ignoring the fact you mentioned the C word x

  4. Are these your 'can't keep still' projects whilst watching all the Olympic goings on?
    It is very pretty - can't believe you have found the patience really.......xx

  5. It's really pretty, which colour combination will you go for next?
    Lisa x

    1. Not sure Lisa, I'm just so tempted to shrink ALL the colours and then I can play around with colour combinations to my hearts content.