Sunday, 15 May 2011

As regular readers of my blog will know...

and if you don't,  you'd better catch up!
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I have a  MAJOR pash for Alan Bennett.

'All in the best possible taste!' 
as Kenny Everett would say.

My Hubs (current!) saw this in today's Sunday Times, handed it to me and said  - 

'This could be published especially for you!'

Call me kinky I don't care...

I do love that man...

only his intellect you understand?

His beautifully crafted prose, 
his humour and his ability to transport you, courtesy of a 
Yorkshire man's eye view of the world.

Being a quarter Yorkshire myself, I just
get it!

Everything he writes is overlaid with wit, dusted with an air of 
curmudgeonliness  which as you may have guessed by now...
I just adore!


  1. Weird rather than kinky.

    I do not understand this Alan Bennett thing, but if the cartoon is anything to go by you are not alone in this strange Northern fantasy.

    There may be self-help groups.....................


  2. Jo, Hubs roared when I read out your comment. I don't think I need help!?!

    Thank you for commenting on this post, usually when I do slightly 'off the wall' blogs there is a deafening silence. As Hubs as often said "Bet most people can't work out where you're coming from!" Unfortunately I've always been 'odd' even when Aaron was a baby 40 years ago, I would go to coffee mornings and get totally hacked off about talk of little Willy's potty training.
    I would lob the odd hand grenade in - "What do you think about the political situation or what are your views on the state of the world?"
    Boy did I get some strange looks - 'Is there anything more important than little Willy?' LLX

  3. Odd is good in my book! Always a square peg in a round hole, me.

    Hello, fellow square peg. Who gives a stuff about little Willy?


  4. Meet another square peg - I had to peek at your blog when I spotted your comment on Jo's

    I am a quarter Yorkshire too!! all the very best people are you know.

    I read the above post and sighed - finally!! I have been through little willy stage and spent years in the blur of every darn achievement since. Now we are graduating - will it never stop.

    Let's talk about Alan Bennett - have you heard him read "Wind in the Willows" just lovely.