Thursday, 4 November 2010


A queen hornet, that's who!
I've just heard it on Autumnwatch. They come in at this time of year to hibernate and the description exactly fitted my assailant.

I've had a super busy day in the studio making badges for my next craft fair. Am I alone I wonder in trying not to look at other peoples work? Crumbs it don't 'alf undermine my crafting confidence if I do. Plus probably the best bit, is dreaming up the ideas in the first place. You wouldn't believe the weird and wacky things that spring into my head and guess what? I haven't got the foggiest idea as to how to implement them, or more to the point the energy to try. The sofa and scones beckon and I'm lost. Idle some might say.


  1. Well at least you have some ideas! I have spent an evening in the workshop just looking at fabric....ideas are not forthcoming. I've lost my mojo somewhere.....

  2. Hmmmm, sofa and scones ... is there jam and cream?

    Shirl x

  3. No just a mere half inch thick sensation of butter and homemade tayberry jam. LLX

  4. Just popped in and found your lovely brooches. Love the little flower wreath, Hope you did well at the fair.
    Lisa x