Wednesday, 17 November 2010

On a bitter cold day - LOOK...

what I've just picked in the garden... aren't they just beautiful?


I will return...

I'm back...

Yesterday at sewing class I had a bit of an Elizabeth Bott moment; the only thing I didn't do was lay on the floor and kick my legs in the air. How undignified would that have been? I ought to tell you I am an only child, that in my book makes every spoilt cotton-picking thing I do okay. Is it my fault I didn't have a brother or sister? Don't get me wrong I love my sewing lessons with Debs, however when I decide to do boring things like curtains I'm not a happy bunny. The reason being I like being creative and making exciting stuff. I was sewing strips of fabric together and guess what? I got two back to front. After I'd bounced around the room shouting and stamping my foots, I nearly fell over, that's how BIG a strop it was. The ground vibrating; sewing machines rattling; sensible students with mouths open wide enough to catch hibernating queen hornets (see earlier blog), and Debs laughing fit to bust. I then calmed down and strolled over to my machine to discover that the I'd only gone 18 inches (or 46 cms if you're metricated) before I'd exploded in an almighty paddy. I just wish one day I might be able to act my age.


If you want to know what the flowers are... I'm not telling you!
You'll have to leave me a comment. Then I might!


  1. I'm sorry I missed this blog!
    Yes indeed it was one mighty strop, stamping of feet and much swearing (not too naughty though). I've never seen the likes - oh, except when my two dear children were suffering the terrible twos!!
    Never mind Linda, you made us laugh and we love you to bits!
    Classes wouldn't be the same without your outbursts. xxxxx