Sunday, 15 April 2012

As I sit on the hard shoulder of my life...

approaching yet another milestone birthday...
I get to thinking...
'Should I put quill to vellum and write of the many and various events that have shaped 
and enhanced my life?'

Not for publication you understand...
 just because...
and to flesh out the bones of my family history for future generations.

There is however one small hurdle...
can I be bothered?

This is me...
who can't be arsed to take photographs, because...
'They're boring!'
What do I love doing?
Poring over old photo's - that's what!

This year signing up for
Oh, how I wish the bare names and dates had a little more
flesh to give me the feel for the person who unwittingly gave me life.

Here I am with the chance to let future folk know of whence they came,
and you know what, I'm too blooming idle.

Time, is what I have in abundance.
Where is my bullet/waterproof excuse?
You tell me?



  1. oooh happy birthday soon to be! Hope you are well darling xx

  2. I been on for about 6 years but I have been doing genealogical research for about 12 years and have just started writing a "book" of sorts for my family. I realized that I need to leave some record of what I have found. There is also a free forum called that is very interesting and the members are very helpful.

  3. There's plenty of flesh in there! Try Ancestry's criminal records - see who was transported & for what. The British Newspaper Archive, newly online, has revealed scandalous details of my ancestors, even recorded their words at the time, in Cold Comfort Farm-like dialect. And then there are the odd-ball 3rd cousins who turn up on your doorstep...

  4. Oooh Ar! Can't wait. Thanks for your instructive comments girls. What I do want is a bit of blood and lust, not just grey stiff upper lips.